SLICM – 20th Convocation

       Ante-ceding  29 years of academic experience and credulous prestige, Sri Lanka Institute of Credit Management (SLICM) stands tall as the only Professional Body in Sri Lanka accredited to offer a professional qualification on Credit Management marks her 20 th annual convocation ceremony today.
Established in 1988 to cater to the growing need of training and indoctrination in the field of leasing and finance, SLICM has evolved within the years in producing over 1500 professionals with a sound credit management knowledge to cater to the growing demand of the industry.

        A unique characteristic that carried SLICM to be the pioneer of credit management is the continuous evolution that she has embraced. From traditional tutoring processes to modern streamlined syllabuses
and tutoring methods, SLICM has embraced change in leaps and bounds. As one of the most recent
steps to cater to the ravenous hunger in the industry and to keep up with dynamic nature of the modern
world, SLICM has introduced a three –tier pathway to furnish yourself as an Associate member of SLICM.

The platform comprises of the initial commencement with the Diploma In Credit Management after
which the candidate could be proceed to the Advanced Diploma In credit management. Upon the successful conclusion of the relevant research, the candidate would be eligible to apply for the Associate membership of SLICM which would enable him to be entitled for the affix AICM – SL.

Further to the above mentioned Professional qualifications , SLICM further offers Certificate in Micro Credit management programmes, Executive diploma in Islamic Credit management and Executive diploma in marketing credit instruments within its versatile qualification portfolio casing all elements, characteristics and requirements of Credit Management.
Today , 128 students who have strolled through the exact same pathway will be awarded for their
academic excellence and honoured at the 20 th Annual Convocation scheduled to take place at the Centre of Banking Studies, Rajagiriya. Gracing the evening, Professor Sarath Amaratunga , the Vice Chancellor of the University of Sri Jayawardenapura will precede as the Chief Guest for the scholastic event prepped to commence at 5 PM. Professionals in the field of credit management, finance and leasing, academics, council members of Sri Lanka Institute of credit management, CEOs of leading entities from the Sri Lankan business arena are also expected to grace the evening which remains as the only scholastic event designed and executed in Sri lanka to reward and recognize the academic excellence in the field of Credit Management.

The convocation ceremony is themed “(theme theme theme)”. 128 students who have experienced
nearly one and a half years academic experience with SLICM and its tutoring partner Asian International
Academy Pvt. Ltd will pass out from the Advanced Professional diploma in credit management,
Professional diploma in credit management , Certificate in Micro Credit management programmes,
Executive diploma in Islamic Credit management and Executive diploma in marketing credit

Since its initial inception in 1988, SLICM has travelled a long way into becoming the pioneer in the
field equipped with innovative tutoring methods, E-learning platforms and dynamic academic content.
SLICM has continuously embraced the dynamic nature of the corporate world and the evolution of the
characteristics that employers would hunt for, and has structured and designed their academic
procedures in such a manner that the individuals who passes out from the institute are well equipped to
serve and cater the growing demands of the industry. Given the efforts of the institute to furnish the
qualification with a meaning that travels beyond a mere paper qualification, associate member of Sri
Lanka Institute of credit management are also provided with the opportunity to apply for the Associate
membership of Charted Institute of Credit management in United Kingdom.
From humble beginnings with the initial intention of filling the vacuum of academic training in the
field of leasing and finance, SLICM has walked a far and wide way in becoming the pioneer of the field of
credit management with an obvious future laid out in becoming an academic luminary in Sri Lanka.




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