Mr. Rajeeva Bandaranaike

CEO – Orient Finance PLC

“Education and training is a key requirement for our industry. SLICM is a professional body which offers education in credit management. I’m an alumnus of the Diploma in Credit Management programme and thus can advocate its value. The new initiatives carried out by SLICM by appointing a study centre seems progressive and I wish SLICM all the very best”.

Mr. Chandana Jayanath

DGM, Recoveries – Lanka ORIX Leasing Company PLC

“I started working with Lanka Orix Leasing Company as a Senior Executive in year 2000 and I started the Diploma in Credit Management in year 2002. I was promoted as Manager in year 2004. As such I can clearly state that the SLICM programme has boosted my career significantly and have helped me to operate at the capacity which I operate now. I would strongly recommend this qualification.”

Mr. Nimal Mamaduwa


“I read for the SLICM Diploma in Credit Management in mid 1990’s and the qualification opened up numerous other opportunities and avenues. I was involved with SLICM extensively as a Student and Lecturing at the Institute and am aware of the validity of this qualification. I’m glad to hear the progressive activities SLICM conducts along with its study centre – Aspirations International Academy. It is important to obtain qualifications which are specific to the industry which you are employed in and this is one of the top most qualifications for credit management in Sri Lanka. I strongly recommend this qualification to staff employed in banks as well as finance companies”

Mr. Leonard Perera

Head of Credit / Former acting CEO, MCSL Financial Services

“I was a student of the SLICM Diploma in Credit Management years ago and the exposure we received from the resource personnel was invaluable. This has helped me to shape my career within the banking industry and have made me forward thinking. In my opinion this is something which the youngsters in the industry need to have and I believe the new developments happening at SLICM will benefit the industry as a whole.”

Mr. Charith Gunaratne

DGM, Credit and Asset Finance – Peoples Merchant Finance PLC

“I was a student of the SLICM Diploma in Credit Management and since am fully aware of the value and the quality of the programme. This programme has given me a holistic understanding of the industry and has helped me throughout my career. I strongly encourage the youngsters in this industry to read this qualification and I’m sure the latest developments of SLICM will benefit the industry as a whole”