About Us

Welcome to SLICM

  • Sri Lanka Institute of Credit Management (SLICM) was
    established in 1988 under the Companies Act No. 17 of 1982.
      This was encouraged by the leading Finance Companies namely: The Finance Co PLC, Lanka Orex  Leasing Co Ltd, Alliance Finance Co PLC, Central Finance Co PLC, Mercantile Credit Ltd, LB Finance Ltd. 
  • It was started as a pioneering education project intervened to fill a vacuum in the leasing and finance related companies in Sri Lanka. In the year 2000, Sri Lanka Institute of Credit Management was incorporated under a Parliamentary Act No. 07 of 2000.
  • Over the years SLICM has trained over 2,500 students from
    over 100 financial institutions in the Country. SLICM has provided well qualified graduates to banks, finance companies,
    leasing companies and   variety of trading companies.
  • All Advanced Professional Diploma Holders who completes the
    research methodology and the research report with two years of relevant practical experience in the field of credit management and can apply for Associate Membership of Sri Lanka Institute of Credit Management.
  • These Associate Members can use the affix AICM- SL. In recognition of the SLICM’s standard of education the Chartered Institute of Credit Management UK (CICM/UK) has granted Associate Membership to Diploma Holders with experience in credit management who have applied for membership in the CICM, UK. 

The Objective of SLICM

“SLICM started as a pioneering education project intended
to fill a vacuum in professional credit management
education in the leasing and finance related companies in
Sri Lanka”

What is SLICM?


SLICM is a non- profit organization established in 1988 by the leading finance companies of Sri Lanka. It offers the advanced professional diploma in credit management for a career in both Banking and Nonbanking Finance sectors of Sri Lanka.

Why Study SLICM Qualifications?


Adding ‘SLICM student’ to your CV gives you a huge advantage in the job market as it shows employers that you’re dedicated, hardworking, commercially aware and serious about your future. And if you‟ re already working, the SLICM qualification can increase your chances of progressing to a more senior position and earning more.

Is this qualification recognized?


Yes, SLICM is the only authenticated professional body enacted by an Act of Parliament to offer education in Credit Management.